How much space do we have?

Length 16.90 meters
Width 15.90 meters
Height 4.10 meters

That’s about 270 m2 of space and with curtains we can divide this into three nice spaces.

Sanitary facilities

2 for the ladies
1 for the gents with 2 urinals
1 for the disabled

We’ve got the power

5 x 220v 16A
8 x 400v 16A 5p
1 x 400v 16A 5p

5 x 220v 16A
2 x 400v 16A

Nice Space but at what price?

We see every event and booking as a new adventure. So tell us what you want to do with our space and we make you a personalized offer.

Or call us at: 06 26199120

meetings and seminars


The world has opened again, let’s get back on track. 
Do you need space for meetings and seminars?

Theater setup 175 persons
Diner 150 persons
Reception 250 persons

We also have a lot of options for other meeting setups like Carré – Conference – Classroom – Banquet.

We have got a beamer with a projection screen and a flip-over for those good old brainstorm sessions.

Your event can be fully catered by our own kitchen. We can keep you going all day from breakfast, lunch, snack-time and diner.
Nobody has to leave hungry or thirsty for that matter.
From that first lifesaving “cup of joe” in the morning till that totally fulfilling glass of red wine at the end. We got you covered.

dinner and drinks


We are quit fond of nice food and good drinks. That’s why we will be organizing a lot of dinners, tastings and other events to indulge ourself. Check our calendar if you see something you like and join us and feast!!

Want to be the host of your own party?
Do you want to surprise your staff, family or friends with a nice breakfast, lunch or dinner? Is it time to go celebrating and have a nice night with drinks and snacks.

Say the word, we can make it happen together.

We can fit up to 150 persons for dinner and 250 for drinks. Do you want to keep it modest? For groups from 12 persons we gladly open our doors for you.

parties and celebrations


Any excuse is a good excuse to throw a party. Your birthday, your friends birthday or your dog’s. But also when you are proud of your achievements or you don’t want to let that special date pass by without marking it. 

Get out those dancing shoes and give us a call. We like to party as well. 

If you join one of our parties. Check the calendar

theatre and dance


We need to get some culture back in our lives. Life is to short to spend it watching screens. We want to watch real stuff. Are you a programmer for theater, dance, comedy or music? You need a cool venue for your bookings. Look no further we have got you covered.

We love this scene and to show it we like to do some nice programming of our own.

Check our calendar to find something that floats your boat.

product presentations


Webshops are nice, however, sometimes you need to interact with your customers. We can give you the space to invite a lot of your customers to check out your latest products. 

The sizes of our space are:

Length 16.90 meters
Width 15.90 meters
Height 4.10 meters

That’s about 270 m2 of space and with curtains we can divide this into three nice separate spaces.

We can make it into a complete experience with a fully stocked bar and a kitchen that can provide your guests with sweet and savory goodness. 

culture and events


We are working on filling our calendar with events and festivals, packed with culture, food and drinks, music and art.

If you want to help us with this quest than let’s create something nice together. Give us a call and tell us your ideas so we can make them happen.

A place for culture and events